Jodie & Michael Wilkins

 Dear Travelgoing,

I want to thank you for helping us plan and ultimately allow us to thoroughly enjoy each moment of our trip of a lifetime. Every aspect of our 2 week Turkey adventure was perfection. Each day was so lovingly planned & fine tuned to fit our specific needs and interests. Thank you for allowing us to savor each hike, swim, museum, shuk, mosque, cave, pickup and meal without ever a moment's thought as to whether the next plan was organized. We lived in the moment and were never disappointed. Our guide Avni was fantastic! He was so knowledgeable, fun to be with and easy to understand. Our ages ranged from 30 to 65 and he spoke to all of us. He allowed us to have time to form our own opinions and question everything that came to mind. He challenged all of us with his enthusiasm for history and easy going manner. Thank you for for being such an integral part of making our dream an amazing reality.

— Jodie & Michael  Wilkins, Grand Tour of Turkey  April 2012

# Jodie & Michael Wilkins - 06/06/2012