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Holy Path of Christianity

Holy Path of Christianity in Anatolia Tour Itinerary

This tour will give the visitor a deeper understanding of Christian heritage by enabling them to follow the
holy trail of faith in Anatolia. They will hear the enlightening stories of St. Paul and the early Fathers, visit the  most sacred places of Christian history and see the awe inspiring relics and learn about the milestones of Christian Theology. This will be a journey to within one's own self too as they walk the path of exalted heroes of faith.



• Visit all 7 of the “Seven Churches of Revelation”..
• Live the awe inspiring early days of Christianity..
• Visit exalting sanctuaries and adore the praised relics ..
• Feel the sublime presence of the early Fathers everyday..
• Go deeper in your own self as you travel through the holy path..
• Feel close to the “Holy One” more than ever before..


Holy Path of Christianity in Anatolia in Steps of St. Paul

Day 01. Arrival in Istanbul
Arrive Ataturk Airport, meet your tour guide and transfer to the hotel. Remainder of the day is at your leisure. Overnight in Istanbul.


Day 02. Istanbul
Today’s sightseeing begins with a visit to the magnificent Topkapi Palace, once home to the great sultans. It is filled with treasures and antiquities including twelve thousand pieces of fine Chinese porcelain. Then explore unique Blue Mosque built in 1609 by Sultan Ahmet. Interior walls are covered with twenty thousand blue Iznik tiles. Next stops are Hippodrome and Basilica of St. Sophia, which has inspired architects and religious leaders for over fifteen hundred years. Constructed in 326 by Constantine the Great, it has been a cathedral, a mosque, and now a museum. Overnight in Istanbul.


Day 3 .  Fly to Adana tovisit Antioch
A short morning flight to Adana and continue to Antioch (Acts 6:5:11:19-30:13) where the name Christian was first used. In this second major city of the Roman province, we will have a mass at the cave church where St. Peter led worship. Later visit the world famous museum at Antioch and see the Roman mosaics. Return to Adana and Overnight .


Day 4 . Departure to Cappadocia via Tarsus
Departure to Tarsus (Act: 11:30:11:25...) birth place of St. Paul. Today we cross the longest mountain chain of Turkey, Taurus, and head towards Central Anatolia. We arrive Cappadocia famous with its unusual landscape, underground cities as well as towns carved from the region’s soft volcanic rock. Overnight in Cappadocia.


Day 05. Cappadocia - Iconium (Konya)
After visiting Zelve with the most interesting fairy chimneys, drive to Iconium visited by Paul on his first and second missionary journey (Ac 13:51; 16:2) and visit Mevlana Museum; learn about the mystical religious Sufi known as the Whirling Dervishes.


Day 06. Konya – Antioch Pisidia – Pamukkale
Today drive to Antioch Pisidia that St. Paul made it one of the centers of his mission. Then continue to Pamukkale, a magnificent natural formation unique in whole the world. Over the last fourteen thousand years, calcium rich water from an underground thermal spring has flowed over the mountainside and slowly solidified, creating shallow white basins and twisted stalagmites. Overnight in Pamukkale.

Day 07 . Pamukkale – Laodicea - Philadelphia - Sardis - Smyrna - Kusadasi
Drive to Laodicea, another one of the Seven Churches (Rev 3:14-22), chastised for being lukewarm. Then visit Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7-13) referred to as the New Jerusalem. The next stops are Sardis, the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia (Rev. 3:1-6) and Church of St. Policarp who symbolized the community of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse. Overnight in Kusadasi.  

Day 08. Kusadasi -Ephesus
Today drive to Ephesus, one of the Seven Churches in Revelation (Rev. 1:11), once populated with three hundred thousand people, it has an enormous Amphitheater, which can still hold twenty four thousand spectators. As we walk down the marble covered streets, we see gymnasiums, baths, houses, public latrines, the library of Celsus, and the Temple of Artemis. After exploring of Virgin Mary House and sixth century Church of St. John, overnight in Kusadasi.


Day 09. Kusadasi – Patmos – Kusadasi
Today take a daily Patmos Tour by private ferry. Explore the Monastery of St. John and view its relics and the grotto where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations and then turn back to Kusadasi for overnight.


Day 10. Kusadasi - Thyatira - Pergamos - Bursa
Drive to Thyatira, one of the Seven Churches of revelation (Rev. 1:11; 2:18-29). After visiting of Pergamon (2:12–17) with Acropolis of the Hellenistic city, drive to Bursa for overnight.


Day 11. Bursa – Nicea –Istanbul
Early departure to Nicaea where is the city-achieved fame as the site of two ecumenical, first 325 and seventh 787, councils. Then drive to Istanbul for overnight.


Day 12. Departure Istanbul
After a farewell breakfast, transfer to Istanbul Airport for flight home...


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